Certified Tank Inspections

At A-1 Alternative Fuel Systems we have certified tank inspectors that perform CNG Fuel System Tank Inspections at our shop or yours. CNG tanks must be inspected every 3 years or 36,000 miles, whichever occurs first.
Following the guidelines of NFPA 52, NGV 2, and CGA 6.4. Cylinders must also be inspected after a collision, vehicle fire, exposure to excessive heat, or if any possibility of cylinder damage may have occurred. CNG tanks and fuel systems should also be inspected if the operator suspects a natural gas leak.

All CNG fuel system inspections are completed by one of our certified inspectors and cover the following:

Cylinder Mounting Bracket Inspection

Ensure that all mounting blocks, brackets, cradles, hangers, and gaskets are in proper working condition and are properly secured.

Cylinder Inspection

Check cylinder expiration date and verify that the cylinder has not exceeded the expiration date. Visually inspect all cylinders for any possible damage.

Diagnostic Codes

Check vehicle’s computer controlled system for any fuel related fault codes and address as needed.

Cylinder Shield Inspection

Visually inspect the cylinder shields for missing or damaged components.

Fuel System Inspection

Check the fuel system for any loose, missing, or damaged components.

PRD System Inspection

Visually inspect the Pressure Relief Device for proper installation, damage, proper functionality, and ensure vent lines are clear of debris.

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