Fuel System Integration

A-1 Alternative Fuel Systems designs, manufactures, and installs CNG/LNG fuel integration systems for medium-heavy and heavy duty vehicles. Our fuel systems are designed by professional engineers using advanced CAD design tools. Each and every one of our systems is first and foremost designed and engineered to be safe and functional. All of our designs meet or exceed all applicable safety standards, including NFPA 52, NGV, DOT, FMVSS, SAE, and California Title 13 Codes and Regulations. Contact us for pricing >>

Industry Leader
Our systems are designed to be the lightest in the industry through the use of steel and aluminum structural frames and composite materials. We engineer our systems to have an exceptional strength-to-weight ratio with a small footprint. Over the last 20+ years our systems have been used in thousands of vehicles all across the state.

Potential Applications:

Behind The Cab (BTC)

  • Cylinders are mounted to frame behind cab of vehicle
  • Number of tanks: 2-8
  • Fuel Capacity Options: 20 – 210 DGE

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Saddle Mounted (SM)

  • Cylinders are mounted to side of frame beside vehicle cab
  • Number of tanks: 1-2
  • Fuel capacity options:  20-166 DGE

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Roof Mounted (RM)

  • Cylinders are mounted to roof of the vehicle
  • Number of tanks: 2-6
  • Fuel capacity options: 20-100 DGE

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Custom Configurations

Standard package won’t fit? Not a problem. A-1 offers custom and combination configurations to suit your exact needs. Our in-house engineering team will cross engineer with OE manufacturers and body builders to develop a fuel system that is compatible with your application.

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PH: (559) 485 4427

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